8400 km running in 7 years

Why is this a milestone? Because it’s around 1000 miles away from 10k km. It is not a performance; it was an average of 1300 km per year (because of 6 months of pause) or 3.6 km (2.25 miles) of running per day.

In my case, it is not running for performance but for maintaining good health. I am not going to say that running is fun. If running were fun, people would run instead of walk because you would go faster. However, this effort has advantages. For example, the endorphins are generated after a long run, and the general health improvements that come with regular running training.

Let’s face it; your health will start degrading if you don’t exercise somehow after a certain age. Running is an option to prolong good health. I am far from an expert in running, but I can talk about some things I’ve noticed from this 7-year experience. Here are my tips for people who want to start running.

  • If you want to lose weight, run at a slow pace, this will burn the fat. If you run fast, this will work with your muscles instead of burning fat. Besides, you risk damaging your knees by running fast if you are overweight.
  • You should run at least 8-10 km once to get endorphins. If you run 4-5 km, don’t expect to get much satisfaction after the run.
  • If you run at least 18km at once, you’ll feel your belly muscles exercising and lose some fat in that area.
  • Warming up before a fast run is very important. If you plan to train running fast, you should start with a 2 km warm-up at a slow pace, also gymnastics and stretching.
  • Cooldown is also essential, like running 2km at a slow pace. This way, you’ll decrease the lactic acid after training, and you’ll be able to sleep at night.
  • Measure every run detail with whatever is relevant for you (distance, pace, date, pulse, etc.)

For example, here are some statistics from my activity. On average, my runs are 10km with a pace of 5’50″/km. What is more interesting is that it took me 34 full days to run 8400 km. These 34 days were the best investment of time I ever did, and it was only 1.3% of the total time spent in 7 years. If we look on a map, 8400 km is like running from San Francisco to New York and back. I mentioned that as one famous movie character was running from one coast of the US to another.

Having a race planned gives some more motivation to train. There are some half marathon races I registered for some months: Copenhagen on September 18th, 2022, Krakow on October 16th, 2022, Paris on March 5th, 2023, and Gothenburg on May 13th, 2023. This year the Krakow half marathon is only one week after the Bucharest half marathon in October. Since I can’t run half marathon two weekends in a row, I had to choose. It was a hard decision as my first half marathon was Bucharest 2015 and is a race I recommend. But I don’t plan to go to Romania this autumn.

These were some facts about my experience with running. If you want to write to me, you can always do that.